What is Supplied?


Right now, there’s no effective way to measure multi-dwelling scarcity and over/under supply in conjunction with consumer demand at address level, yet price and risk are determined by supply & demand.



Based on data, we’ve built an interactive mapping platform which independently tells you whether each multi-dwelling complex around Australia is under or over supplied, while also measuring consumers desire for more dwellings.

We do this for over 100,000 apartment buildings in Australia.  This is achieved based on the volume of sellers compared to the volume of buyers at address level.  Quite simply, we measure supply with demand.



By making Australia’s apartment market fully transparent at address level, you can pin-point specific geographic areas where consumers need multi-dwelling property.  Here’s a list of key client value:

  • Increase property developer profitability by targeting undersupplied areas where consumers want.
  • Mitigate property development risk by focusing development on sort after undersupplied areas.
  • Pinpoint locations for ‘build to rent’ projects based on rental scarcity.
  • Have the knowledge and power to control affordability for sales and rental price.
  • Witness the pipeline of future residential completions to make better location based decisions.
  • Valuers can value units and apartments with confidence and provide evidence backed market knowledge and risk factor ratings.
  • Lenders can better assess new and existing home loan risk, while assessing thousands of unit markets for short horizon forecasting.
  • Residential REIT’s or funds can monitor existing assets while comparing competitors. Or assess for future acquisitions.
  • Track the supply and demand of your existing multi-dwelling assets to monitor performance.
  • View vacancy levels of high density living around Activity Centres or transport nodes to make better town planning decisions.
  • View high density living locations and upcoming apartment completions to target areas for retail or hospitality services.
  • Optimise social infrastructure projects based on where people want to live.
  • To the hundreds of thousands of existing owners, supply and demand knowledge used correctly by companies can enhance capital growth.
  • It can change people’s mindset regarding apartment ownership as an investment class.
  • It can change people’s mindset regarding apartment living and lifestyle.
  • Make determinations regarding local economies based on multi-dwelling vacancy levels.
  • Uncover asset scarcity and consumer desire to make inefficient markets efficient with full transparency of what’s happened, what’s currently happening, and what’s about to happen.

This type of knowledge is powerful and puts the advantage in your hands to make communities better off.  All at address level.


Get up to date scarcity levels, consumer absorption, and special commentary per address for over 100,000 apartment and unit buildings.

Urban Statistics SUPPLIED tool is an interactive mapping platform, displaying everything to do with apartment supply and demand.  


  • SUPPLIED displays on market apartment supply as a percentage of apartment buildings.
  • SUPPLIED aggregates similarly aged apartment buildings in the same suburb to measure ‘like for like’ supply.
  • SUPPLIED displays on market apartment rentals as a percentage of apartment buildings.
  • SUPPLIED provides a risk factor per apartment building based on supply & demand.
  • SUPPLIED measures the upcoming supply chain for thousands of commenced apartment construction to achieve a total view of latent supply.
  • SUPPLIED details the estimated time horizon to absorb all ‘on market’ apartments at address level to further measure over/under supply, consumer demand, the need to build more, and what type.
  • SUPPLIED displays historical monthly data to determine trends.
  • SUPPLIED provides detailed analytical commentary for every apartment building, including the level of supply, demand, & risk.  Findings are updated fortnightly.
  • SUPPLIED details under/over supply, consumer desire for additional dwellings, and risk, at suburb level.
Apartment Metrics

How it works

SUPPLIED works by aggregating various metrics specifically related to scarcity (supply), and the consumer absorption of apartments (demand).

Supply metrics are determined by assessing the number of dwellings available to buy or rent, divided by the total number of dwellings per address.

Supply is further determined by assessing the upcoming apartment building completions (either by suburb or within a radius of any address).

Demand metrics such as the absorption rate, are calculated by assessing the number of existing dwellings available to buy, and divided by the number of sold dwellings over a period of time.

SUPPLIED also measures other metrics such as risk factors.

All metrics can be filtered to display key categories and/or performance.

This is all completed at address level and displayed visually to compare and assess.


Who’s SUPPLIED for?


Property Developers

Build where consumers want.  Build what consumers want.  Maximise outcomes.  How many dwellings? What’s in demand? What’s in supply? What’s the level of buyer and seller risk? What’s the buyer interest? How quickly are buyers consuming similar apartments?  These questions can all be answered with SUPPLIED’s address based supply & demand intel.

Property Valuation Firms

Gain deeper and specific knowledge pertaining to oversupply, undersupply, and how quickly or slowly apartments are being absorbed.  This information provides definitive intelligence to what’s happened, what’s currently happening, and what’s about to happen.


Accurately ascertain a better asset risk profile with sophisticated market knowledge.

Asset Managers, Economists, Start-Ups and Government all benefit from supply & demand data.

Supplied - Monthly

$359/mth (No contract)
  • All the same features as the yearly subscription.
  • Monthly subscription, cancel anytime.


For a product demo, please email orders@urbanstatistic.com.au and we’ll get back to you.  Try before you buy, and witness the power of address level mapping technology.

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