What is Supplied?

Address level property intelligence that has everything to do with price.

Get up to date supply volumes and commentary per address for over 100,000 apartment and unit buildings.

Urban Statistics SUPPLIED tool is an interactive based map, displaying everything to do with apartment supply at address level.

SUPPLIED displays up-to-date sales and rental volumes as a percentage of apartment buildings to showcase ‘over’ or ‘under’ supply per address.  Furthermore, view the upcoming supply chain for thousands of approved and commenced apartment construction.

Determine ‘over’ and ‘under’ apartment supply along with supply chain risk for over 100,000 buildings with specific and monthly commentary per apartment building stretched all over Australia.


Who’s SUPPLIED for?

SUPPLIED is a locational interactive mapping experience measuring the supply and absorption of old and new apartments/units.  It provides specific information at address level, and therefore has the power to enhance opportunity and limit risk.

Property Developer Companies can use SUPPLIED as part of their locational feasibility, risk, and market assessment.  Build what? How many dwellings? Where? What’s in demand? What’s in supply? What’s the level of buyer and seller risk?  Can all be answered with SUPPLIED’s address based supply & demand intel.

Property Valuation Firms can gain deeper and specific knowledge pertaining to oversupply, undersupply, and how quickly or slowly apartments are being absorbed.  This information provides definitive intelligence to what’s happened, what’s currently happening, and what’s about to happen with this asset class.

Lenders can more accurately ascertain a better risk profile of their own book while gaining confidence lending above 80%.


Supplied - Monthly

  • All the same features as the yearly subscription.