In a nutshell

Urban Statistic uses both digital and physical fact-finding methods of sourcing information across interconnected fields, and illustrates findings in easy to read interactive dashboards to enhance efficient strategic solutions.

The interactive dashboards can be updated monthly, bi-monthly, or half yearly, to track and analyse change while determining trends.

The research is accomplished in ‘real time’ with no data lag, meaning project or business decisions and predictions can be made with confidence.

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Property is where we connect physically.  However, this is rapidly changing.  Find out the supply & demand trends for locations by asset type.  Property data is created from buyer and seller behaviour.  It can explain where people are moving away from and the impact this is having, while also explaining where people are migrating to.


What are the places within a suburb?  What are the businesses?  How many commercial places are empty and untenanted?  Where are the traffic bottlenecks? Live traffic feed from Waze.

This information provides a framework regarding the functionality of the area.


The aggregated price of property and business products is the end result of buyer and seller behaviour.  Price is the bottom line, however if we analyse how price is determined we can predict what price is going to be.  Furthermore, we can compare price for products across different locations to achieve a deeper assessment of demand.


Understanding how people are engaging with Property, Place, & Price, means we can understand behaviour.  Understanding behaviour is a powerful tool as we can determine people’s needs and wants with a clearer picture.  This enables strategic decision makers to enhance decision efficiency which results in better outcomes.

FREE Scarcity Meter

Scarcity of housing is a major factor of price.  Scarcity’s a measure of how limited or abundant something is.  

Urban Statistic’s developed a Scarcity Meter that measure’s the scarcity of an asset per location.

Check it out for thousands of Australian locations for FREE here.

Our objective

The objective of our research is to fact-find and conclude.  This saves you time, enhances revenue, saves on cost, and delivers information in easy to read interactive dashboards that can be updated montly, bi-monthly, or half yearly.

If you prefer, we can provide the raw data in spreadsheet format, therefore your team can assess and visualise your own way.

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Instant Supply & Demand Property Data

Supply & demand property indicators for both house and units can be purchased directly from our online shop.  Supply & demand form the foundations of price movement.  Thousands of locations separated by house and unit available in spreadsheet format so you can easily analyse and compare here.

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Grow your business with research that establishes the most up-to-date and on demand information.  Data equals behaviour and this can be assessed all over Australia.

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