Private Sale V’s Auction


Does it matter how you sell your home?  Which sales method obtains better results?  Is it selling privately OR by auction a better outcome?  Find the answer and by how much by clicking the button below.

Private Sale Vs Auction

Brisbane’s Existing Property Supply

How many houses are on the market?  Is this why prices have increased?

Find out how many houses are for sale as a percentage for over 350 Brisbane suburbs.  Click the button to view the interactive infographic.

Mini Supply Property Dashboard

What’s the existing supply situation in West Sydney?  Urban Statistic produced research showcasing how much property is available to purchase for both houses and units, and also undertook how many rental properties are vacant.

The research was provided in interactive dashboards used as part of the clients sales technique.

Mini Supply Dashboard - West Sydney
Canberra price per square metre

Canberra Price Per Square Metre

What’s the price per improved square metre of housing?  How does this help?  Why is it more comprehensive than median price?

Over 60 Canberra suburbs analysed.  Easy to compare with neighbouring suburbs.

Urban Statistic updates this interactive infographic monthly on behalf of our client, so they can keep abreast of price across many locations, and to value applicable subject properties.

Outperforming Apartment Price Comparison Research

Which apartment buildings have performed better within the same suburb?  Why is there a difference?  Can we develop based on outperforming apartment buildings?

We were engaged to determine which apartment buildings obtained the best sale results over a ten year period.

By identifying and analysing the outperforming apartment building in the suburb; we can better understand what people want.  Therefore, developers, builders, investors, and home owners can receive an increased return on investment when both construting, buying, and selling apartments.

apartment price comparison

FREE Scarcity Meter

Scarcity of housing is a major factor of price.  Scarcity’s a measure of how limited or abundant something is.  

Urban Statistic’s developed a Scarcity Meter that measure’s the scarcity of an asset per location.

Check it out for thousands of Australian locations for FREE here.

Our objective

The objective of our research is to fact-find and conclude.  This saves you time, enhances revenue, saves on cost, and delivers information in easy to read interactive dashboards that can be updated montly, bi-monthly, or half yearly.

If you prefer, we can provide the raw data in spreadsheet format, therefore your team can assess and visualise your own way.

Instant Supply & Demand Property Data

Supply & demand property indicators for both house and units can be purchased directly from our online shop.  Supply & demand form the foundations of price movement.  Thousands of locations separated by house and unit available in spreadsheet format so you can easily analyse and compare here.

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Grow your business with research that establishes the most up-to-date and on demand information.  Data equals behaviour and this can be assessed all over Australia.

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