How does address level scarcity and consumer desire intelligence help you?

If supply and demand are responsible for price, risk, affordability, and under/oversupply; then having access to this information at address level is invaluable.

Access to scarcity and consumer desire data levels for assets at address level has many huge benefits that provide unfathomable value to the property, construction, and finance industries.  It also provides huge value to economists, town planners, and Government.

The fact is, if we can measure under and oversupply in conjunction with consumer demand, we can measure where people want and don’t want to live.

Having the ability to visualise every multi dwelling address across Australia allows you to witness geographic areas where’s supply’s high, and therefore focus on areas where it’s needed.  This means we can allow demand to catch up in oversupplied areas, while focusing on where housings needed most.

Here’s a list of benefits and features:

  • Increase property developer profitability by targeting undersupplied areas where consumers want.
  • Mitigate property development risk by focusing development on sort after undersupplied areas.
  • Pinpoint locations for ‘build to rent’ projects based on rental scarcity.
  • Have the knowledge and power to control affordability for sales and rental price.
  • Witness the pipeline of future residential completions to make better location based decisions.
  • Valuers can value units and apartments with confidence and provide evidence backed market knowledge and risk factor ratings.
  • Lenders can better assess new and existing home loan risk, while assessing thousands of unit markets for short horizon forecasting.
  • Residential REIT’s or funds can monitor existing assets while comparing competitors. Or assess for future acquisitions.
  • Track the supply and demand of your existing multi-dwelling assets to monitor performance.
  • View vacancy levels of high density living around Activity Centres or transport nodes to make better town planning decisions.
  • View high density living locations and upcoming apartment completions to target areas for retail or hospitality services.
  • Optimise social infrastructure projects based on where people want to live.
  • To the hundreds of thousands of existing owners, supply and demand knowledge used correctly by companies can enhance capital growth.
  • It can change people’s mindset regarding apartment ownership as an investment class.
  • It can change people’s mindset regarding apartment living and lifestyle.
  • Make determinations regarding local economies based on multi-dwelling vacancy levels.
  • Uncover asset scarcity and consumer desire to make inefficient markets efficient with full transparency of what’s happened, what’s currently happening, and what’s about to happen.

This type of knowledge is powerful and puts the advantage in your hands to make communities better off.

If you would like to know how we measure apartment under and oversupply for the purpose of supply and demand at address level then click here.


5min Drive Time Polygon

5min Drive Time Polygon. Bigger bubbles, higher oversupply risk



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