Population Migration

Population Migration Tool – Suburb Level

Get estimated population migration on a monthly basis for incoming, outgoing, and net population migration for all Australian locations at suburb/town level. 

Identifying where people are moving to and away from impacts almost everything from the environment to the economy.

The estimated population movement is based on transactions, dwelling size, configuration, and number of properties within a location, while also accounting for vacant and new properties.

  • View total net migration over time to see a holistic interactive picture of population increase, decrease, and by how much.
  • Separately view incoming and outgoing migration for each month.
  • Every Australian location included.
  • Demographic people movement automatically updated monthly. No more waiting for lagging data or Census information.
  • Six months historical data included.
  • Use the filter to break down information.

Monthly and yearly subscriptions for every Australian location available from $1,129

The following interactive map showcases an example of what your display will look like.

There are various tools on left and right of the map that can be used to filter or analyse information and these maps are updated monthly.

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Population Migration Tool – Microscale Level

Get people movement at a micro level. Find out where specific areas are impacted by population loss or gain.

  • View migration at street level and see the density clusters that have the biggest impact on population.
  • See migration density around train stations, schools, activity centres, busy streets, shopping strips, parks and infrastructure.
  • Interactive maps automatically updated monthly for all locations around Australia.
  • Get migration data for up to 30 suburbs/towns. Analyse and compare each one.
  • Both incoming, outgoing, and net migration included.
  • Six months historical data included.
  • Dwelling type analysis included to determine particular property type’s people are moving into or away from.
  • Complete your own analysis by creating a radius around any address. Have multiple radii of any size, and capture and aggregate the data inside.
  • Measure distance or area with the distance tool.
  • View migration in satellite mode to see the dwelling types and real life layout.
  • Use Google street view for a detailed look.
  • Use the heat map to determine density clusters.
  • No lagging data releases or waiting for Census information.

This is an ‘all in one’ microscale population migration tool allowing access to people movement in an easy to visualise way in near real time.

Monthly and yearly subscriptions available from $935 for 3 locations.

The following interactive map illustrates an example of what your display will look like.  Please note, the example is over a one month duration.  Your display will include six months of data.

Migration levels are vital for many purposes, and can be used to focus on key reasons that make our states, cities, suburbs, towns, and micro locations more effective and sustainable for everyone.


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