Existing Housing Supply in relation to Increasing Prices

Our brief was to ascertain the level of housing supply for metropolitan Brisbane in light of increasing prices.  The most effective method to showcase this research is by determining the percentage of houses for sale per suburb.

Urban Statistic sourced data for 377 Brisbane suburbs and provided an interactive visual map displaying the answers.

The conclusion for the majority of locations entailed a low supply base of houses for sale.

Even in the outer realms of Brisbane, market supply was low including areas in the north:

Bribie Island (Banksia Beach) – 3.88% of houses for sale

Meldale 3.7%

Caboolture South 3.96%

Ocean View 3.8%

South West

Deebing Heights 16.72%

Ripley 6.85%

Springfield 5.73%

Brookwater 5.25%


Park Ridge 21%

Logan Reserve 15.7%

Bahrs Scrub 15.79%

Belivah 11.97%


It’s common for areas under greenfield development to experience higher amounts of property for sale, however its simply not the case at the time of analysis.

Hover or click on the circles to view results.  Click on the NON blue circles to drill down further.