Built & Public Environment

The Built & Public Environment Tool

See and understand how people are using the built & public environment at a local level. View what each commercial and public site is used for, its supply & demand, level of engagement, how satisfied people are, and housing proximity to human needs and amenities.

Whether it’s determining the amount of ‘experiences’ people can have and whether they’re clustered or scatted, or the supply & demand of the local commerce world, the built & public environment tool has the answer.

Additionally, Urban Statistic’s made it easier to understand the performance of a localised area by creating algorithms based on people’s behaviour with various commercial and public sites. These algorithms specifically measure engagement & activity, and satisfaction.

Information is sourced from both the digital and physical world and brought to light with a comprehensive interactive mapping and analytics experience of local areas.

  • Identify all commercial and public sites.
  • Determine site level activity and engagement.
  • Determine site level satisfaction.
  • Determine supply & demand of all sites.
  • Determine supply & demand of different residential (houses, apartments, townhouses) and commercial property asset classes.
  • Determine under or over supply of specific retail, health, fitness, hospitality, trades, beauty, education, social infrastructure, culture, uniqueness, experiences, and entertainment.
  • Determine what people like and dislike about an area.
  • Determine the amount of community sites such as recreation (sporting grounds and clubs, playgrounds, dog parks, skate parks)
  • Segregate by blue or white collar workers and determine major industries.
  • See businesses including home based businesses away from main roads to determine spatial diversity.
  • Discover the amount of night life.
  • See up and coming apartment development details.
  • View existing supply of individual apartment buildings and there occupancy levels.
  • See spatial proximity between similar and competing business.
  • Determine trade areas for any site.
  • Measure rental supply and demand by asset type.
  • Many interactive tools available to use. Set any number or size of radii around an address to get an aggregate of sites and activity e.g. number of gyms within a 1km radius of a train station.
  • Change to satellite imagery for perspective or drill down to street level.

Include other suburbs or locations to compare and ensure maximum opportunity and minimum risk.  Prices start from as little as $1,467 and take less than a week to deliver.  You will be provided with your own password and login and can access the interactive maps and dashboards at any time.  Regular updates can be provided to view changes over a timeline.

This is an ‘all in one’ built and public environment tool that enables key strategy and decision making.

‘Better Outcomes = Behavioural Science + Data Science’.

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