Built & Public Environment

The Built & Public Environment Tool

See and understand how people are using the built & public environment at an address level. View where and what each commercial and public site is used for, its supply & demand, level of engagement and popularity, personal satisfaction, number of ‘experiences’, attractions, and housing proximity to human needs and amenities.

Property Developers

  • Identify the optimal location for residential development based on supply and demand of existing apartments.
  • Establish the highest and best use of any proposed retail or service site based on business supply and demand, and consumer popularity.
  • Property value is directly related to the number of ‘experiences’ suitable to lifestyle.  View the number of ‘experiences’ available within any proximity.
  • View spatial analysis of an entire suburb or within close proximity to any proposed development site(s).  Uncover supply and demand patterns and relationships through spatial analysis.
  • Isolate the catchment area within any radius, drive time polygon, or walking distance for trade area analysis and liveability analysis.
  • Discover all commercial and public sites for scarcity and spatial analysis.  See where human necessity is truly required.  View the amount of recreation or parks.
  • View popularity levels of each site based on online discussion as an indicator of demand.
  • Discover the amount of night-life within any proximity of the subject property and anticipate noise levels and entertainment precincts.
  • Segregate sites by blue and white collar to determine major industries.
  • Use evidence backed intelligence for strategy or tenders.
  • Optimise your decisions to enhance profitability and make better communities.

The below interactive mapping tool identifies sites (public and private) in the suburb of Brunswick, Victoria. 

A 0.5km radius has been established, click anywhere on the shaded radius to uncover all the sites and new apartments within 0.5km.  Create your own radius of any size to view various geo-spatial insights. 

See the popularity of sites based on the level of online activity.

Real Estate Sales

People want to live in locations that offer experiences to suit their lifestyle.  Showcase the full gambit of local opportunity to increase buyer interest.

Amenities within close proximity create property value.  However, people are interested in more than schools, parks, shops, and public transport nodes.

Peak buyer interest by personalising their likes, wants, needs, and specialties.

With the Built and Public Environment Tool you can:

  • Show all sites (including public sites), within close proximity to your listings and increase buyer interest.
  • Showcase the number of human necessity sites, health facilities, sporting clubs, national and international retail and hospitality, shopping centres, department stores, types of restaurants & cafes, places of worship, tradies, theatres, types of fitness facilities etc.
  • List of activities within sites such as number of playgrounds within parks, bbq’s, gym equipment, dogs allowed.
  • Showcase the most popular sites that create atmosphere and vibrancy.
  • Generate new listings by adding the Built and Public Environment Tool to your marketing campaign.
  • Generate new leads by sparking peoples lifestyle wants, needs, and desires.
  • Gain higher auction prices by targeting bidder wants and needs and providing evidence backed research on every popular activity, entertainment, recreation, business, and service.

The below tool displays all the ‘experiences’ within the suburb of Brunswick Victoria.  You can see the proximity to these ‘experiences’ from the listed property for sale.  You can also create a radius around each property and view the number of ‘experiences’ within any distance.

Include the Built and Public Environment Tool on your website with your listings.

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