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Built and public urban environment technology that’s affordable, quick, and intuitive.

Providing a holistic account of the local urban environment using human behaviour.  Our proprietary technology, combined with ‘real life’ methods, measures human and environmental activity.

Performance conclusions are drawn on a monthly basis for both suburb and micro-territory group locations from many factors including:

  • House, townhouse, & apartment supply & demand.
  • Capital Improved Value and land value.
  • Incoming, outgoing, and net population migration.
  • Negative environmental factors within close proximity to housing.
  • Dwelling use for thousands of sites within a suburb.
  • Public spaces use and performance.
  • Consumer engagement & satisfaction for every private & public location.
  • Supply & demand assessment for every human neccessity and businesss category per suburb.

Better Outcomes = Behavioural Science + Data Science

Data insights are delivered via an online portal containing interactive mapping technology and dashboards.

Urban Statistic provides the most accurate, complete, transparent, and comprehensive display of what’s happening across thousands of Australian locations in real time.

Lenders, Developers, Property Institutions, Valuers, Asset Managers, Researchers, Economists, Universities, Town Planners, Insurers, Government (Local, State, Federal), all use Urban Statistic products to gain efficient and effective outcomes to create better outcomes.

Population Net Migration per month - Sydney Suburbs


See real time apartment supply at address level for over 100,000 apartment buildings.

Population Migration

Learn more about incoming, outgoing, & net migration products.


Built & Public Environment

Learn more about human behaviour and the built environment. Products for local areas.

built public environment 

Free e-book  –  Where are the behavioural and lifestyle trends emerging from COVID19?

Where are people moving from and to?  Find out with Urban Statistics free interactive ebook available for immediate download.


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FREE digital & interactive E-Book/Report – Where are the behavioural & lifestyle trends emerging from COVID19?



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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Urban Statistic do?

Urban Statistic provides performance based interactive mapping and analytics products showcasing a range of data from suburb down to address level.

The fields we provide products for include:

  1. Property Outcomes – Property supply, demand, pricing, and negative environmental products, all updated monthly. See here for more information and examples.
  2. Population Migration – Get estimated population migration on a monthly basis for incoming, outgoing, and net population for all Australian locations. See here for more information and examples.
  3. Built & Public Urban Environment – See the use, engagement, and performance of every site within a geographic area. See here for more information and examples.
  4. Property Valuation – Sworn and independent property valuation for Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, & Bendigo.   See here for more information.
    How is the data presented?

    The fact finding data is presented in visually appealing interactive maps and dashboards.

    You will be provided with a link and password that enables anytime access.

    Subsequently, raw data can be provided in simple spreadsheets to use for your own means.

    Where does the intel come from?

    Conclusions are derived from various sources dependent on the client brief.  We use both digital and physical forms of data collection.  Data is determined, captured, cleaned, aggregated, analysed, concluded, & presented.

    What if I want to track data over time?

    No problem, our property insights and population migration tools are offered on a monthly subcription basis.  The Built & Public Environment tool is updated every 6 months.  We have no lock in contracts.

    The interactive maps and dashboards will automatically update.  You don’t have to do anything.

    Is the research customised to my needs?

    Yes, Urban Statistic weights each job according to your brief. We take the most efficient method to deliver your results which keeps price to a minimum. 

    We need target based data for one specific category only

    No problem.  Complete the form here and recieve a phone call from a specialist.

    We're preparing our own reports, however we require additional information.

    We can complete research in full, part, or jointly with your organisation.  We can also present and format our research in the manner you require.

    Who is Urban Statistic for?

    We provide sophisticated research to Government Departments (local, state, domestic), Lenders, Property Institutions, Valuers, Economists, Property Developers, Universities, Fund Managers, Tech businesses, & Town Planners.

    Urban Statistic also provides education and commentary on supply & demand knowledge.

    What does the research and interactive dashboards cost?

    The property insights and population migration tools are available for monthly subscription.  The built & public environment tool can be tracked and presented every 6 months.

    Pricing for the tools are dependent on the size of the work carried out. 

    Our objective is to increase your revenue and/or decrease your costs.

    We provide a quote prior to commencing.  This way everyone’s on the same page regarding price and expectations.

    I heard you provide independent property valuations. Is this correct?

    Yes, absolutely.  Property valuations are completed by Valuers who have an accredited property degree and licence from the Australian Property Institute.

    Given property values are a condition of supply & demand, we’re primed to deliver a result indicative of market value. 

    We provide this service across Melbourne and surrounding areas including Geelong, Ballarat, and anywhere inbetween.

    See our Independent Property Valuations page here for more information and a free no obligation quote.

    About Urban Statistic

    David Cavigan - Property Valuer Victoria

    Urban Statistic is a multi-disciplinary research house that uncovers insights at suburb level in a format that’s easy to consume for the purpose of maximising decisions and enhancing outcomes.

    At Urban Statistic, we provide comprehensive fact finding at a granular level so people in organisations can make informed decisions that provide the best opportunity for success.

    We’re immersed in the holistic approach of people’s behaviour and it’s relationship with locational intelligence.

    Aggregating data across interconnected fields generates stories used to enhance opportunity and this is passed onto you!

    David Cavigan is a property Valuer and holds a Bachelor Degree in Property and Real Estate with Distinction.  One of the pitfalls of research is the ‘data lag’ from key sources such as the Census.  We can to do better by catching information in or close to real time.  This is why David created a holistic way of data collection that’s presented in colourful and easy to read interactive maps and dashboards.



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